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Why a guitar page?

Several years ago, I thought it would be fun to share some guitar knowledge and resources. I also instituted a Weekly Tip column for awhile, which now includes the Youtube chord videos as well. Life then got more complicated, and I really haven't had time to continue adding tips, but I'll hopefully be doing so in the near future. There is still a substantial amount of info there, which I hope you'll find helpful!

Here's a Youtube video showing a recent demo of improvisational fingerstyle jazz guitar

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Guitar Tips, including Rolly's Youtube chord videos

Personal guitar lessons with Rolly are now available on easy-to-use DVD's! Lessons are $105 postpd., and are tailored to your personal needs. (Sorry for price increase, but DVD production is time intensive...) For further info, email Rolly. We're also working on a series of much more affordable instructional DVD's, using Rolly's unique and easily accessed "nuts and bolts" approach. Topics will include jazz chord movement, solo improvisation, and solo flatpicking guitar, among others.

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